Saturday, April 25, 2015

REVIEW : Shayne Leighton / Invincible (EP, 2015)

Shayne Leighton is an accomplished writer, rocker, and redhead, and she’s got a few small plans to take the world by storm. When she was eighteen, she was successful in her endeavor to get her first feature film financed, produced, and distributed to major movie theater chains and then to DVD around the country!

The first three installments of her vampire romance novel series, Of Light and Darkness, are bestselling titles on Amazon, the first installment (The Vampire’s Daughter) having reached the Amazon Top 100! Aside from film and books, Shayne, also, loves rock music and she was signed to Spectra Music Group last year. Nowadays, the artist presents her first music step with her debut EP “Invincible”.

"Invincible" features 6 powerful, modern, well-crafted and well-performed rock tracks that will please each and every single fan of female-fronted rock music. "This Time", the opening tune, is just brilliant! Powerful and in-your-face this song will grab you at once and will make you whistle it for days! "Dream Of You" is yet another killer track out of this debut! A great mid-tempo rocker that includes a brilliant melody. With "Invincible" Shayne covers Pat Benatar's big hit in a such a great way. With this tune  SHAYNE LEIGHTON first charted on the UK Rock Chart, Rockadia at #17!!!! Not bad at all!!! "Midnight Man" is  a good one while with the 'edgier' "Who Do You Think You're Fooling" we have another winner here! "Wolf At My Door", the last one, closes this EP nicely.

To sum up here, I have to say that SHAYNE LEIGHTON with this mini-album achieves to impress with her incredible voice and her passion! Highly recommended to every fan of female fronted rock music!
Rating : 8,5/10 

Track Listing : This Time, Dream Of You, Invincible, Midnight Man, Who Do You Think You're Fooling, Wolf At My Door

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