Saturday, April 25, 2015

REVIEW : CAIN'S OFFERING / Stormcrow (2015)

CAIN’S OFFERING is the brainchild of Finnish guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (founding member of Sonata Arctica). Cain's Offering is moving perfectly balanced between hard rock, melodic power metal and modern metal and, at the end, achieves to be included as another perfect example of today's living and breathing Finnish music scene.

In 2009, the band released its debut album, "Gather the Faithful", that gained some solid reviews from both fans and the metal press. Nowadays, Cain's Offering is back with the brand new "Stormcrow" effort and the sure thing is that will please each and every fan of the melodic metal scene in general. Except of Jani Liimatainen, the others members are Timo Kotipelto (Lead Vocals), Jonas Kuhlberg (Bass), Jani Hurula (Drums) and Jens Johansson (Keyboards).

The music of Cain's Offering is special; I mean that this band has something different to offer here. For sure, it's not your ordinary melodic hard rock/metal band. On one hand, they have a lyricism and a 'melancholic' vibe in most of their songs that made Cain's Offering music so special. On the other hand, they sure knows how to write a powerful and in-your-face power metal anthem that will blow your mind!

"Too Tired To Run" is a true highlight; an emotional ballad that includes great arrangements, a so sweet melody and amazing performances. "A Night To Forget" is exactly what I mentioned above about Cain's Offering music. It's technical, it's 'dark', it's extremely melodic and, at the end, achieves to leave a sweet taste in your ears. For sure, another very interesting moment here. In "I Will Build You A Rome", the band 'builds' a true melodic power metal anthem while in the instrumental "I Am A Legion" we are dealing with a huge theatrical tune that features some excellent epic pinches. "Rising Sun" is yet another killer song. A fast-paced rocker with a memorable hook and chorus that makes you wanna push the repeat button again and again.

Excellent album from start to finish; not a single filler here, just pure melodic hard rock/metal stuff with an updated sound that will blow your mind. Great arrangements, very good songs, powerful and emotional performances, superb guitar work and a tight musicianship makes "Stormcrow" one of the best releases, so far, for 2015. 

RATING : 9/10

Track Listing :
The Best Of Times; A Night To Forget; I Will Build You a Rome; Too Tired To Run; Constellation Of Tears; Antemortem; My Heart Beats For No One; I Am Legion; Rising Sun; On The Shore

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  1. I would rate this 10/10, Cain's Offering is one of the most awesome band in the world, even better than the popular ones!
    Andrea Celtich, a fan from Argentina:D