Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CROWSAW / Smoke & Feathers (2014)

Started in ’12 by Rob Lomax originally as a cover band Crow-saw soon found their roots changing to Rock/Blues, writing original songs which soon gained them a lot of attention. In October 2013, Crowsaw made it to the final of the Highway to Hell competition and won against 19 other bands consequently winning a place at HRH Blues.

The band consists of Rob (Batdog) Lomax (Guitars & Vocals), Elvin Robinson (Drums) and Glyn Mason (Bass & Backing Vocals). The sound is blues based rock with some really cool hard edged guitar lines, very good vocal lines and a strong rhythm section. The opening tune of "Skin And Bones" is simply awesome! A solid hard rocking tempo with a Mr. Big-esque vibe in it and an inspired guitar solo that grabs you from the first spin! Brilliant stuff! "Money" is yet another very good blues hard rocker while in "Smoke And Feathers" we re dealing with damn nice blues song with a strong dose of groove! Just listen, also, the stunning "Voodoo Temptation" and you'll be hooked on this breathtaking song. The guitar solo here is really inspired!! It's really unnecessary to talk about every track separately here 'cause every single tune in this record has something special to offer to the listener.

All in all, I have to say that this is a very interesting record with lots of inspiration and hard work by each member of Crowsaw. Very talented band and that reflects to their music. The mix of blues rock with a harder edged sound make the final result very attractive for every rock fan out there!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Skin & Bones
2. Money
3. Smoke & Feathers
4. Let Me Know
5. Voodoo Temptation
6. Judas Head
7. Sky Train
8. Bitch Blues
9. Dog Of Nine
10. JFY


  1. Many Thanks from the Crowsaw HQ.....:)

  2. This album just gets better and better the more you play it...great peaks & troughs of different tempo and some brilliant riffs that just keep going round and round in your head long after you have stopped listening to it...Brilliant debut album...Buy it :)