Monday, April 13, 2015

REVIEW : Lotta Lené / Smoke and Mirrors (2015)

Lotta Lené is an artist from Finland and "Smoke and Mirrors" is her debut album. For this release, Lené joined forces with guitarist, producer Jake Mäkelä, with whom she's been working and doing gigs since 2006. Together they've done different kinds of projects and played with different kinds of bands, mostly covers, but "Smoke and Mirrors" is now their first full studio album with their own material.

The opening tune of "What I Want" is pure Scandi Melodic Rock at its best; it features a 'crunchy' guitar sound, a cool rhythm, Lotta Lené's superb vocal lines and a catchy chorus line! "Seven Days" is yet another cool track out of this debut. A more straight forward rocker that includes, once again, a very good guitar work and a nice hook and chorus. "Stay", starts slowly and explodes into a brilliant pop-rock gem that is build to be a big radio-hit!

"Skin" is movin' to some modern-'darker' rock paths while in "Promises" we are dealing with a great up-tempo and feel-good song with a catchy hook and a chorus line to sing-a-long! Thumbs-up for "Promises"!!! "I Don't Mind" mixes some Southern/Country elements along with a very nice groove in it, and "Riding Shotgun" is probably the heavier tune in "Smoke And Mirrors". "Here And Now", is overall a nice mid-tempo.

Closing my review, I have to say that Lotta Lené with this debut achieves to create a brilliant slice of pure Scandi-Melodic Rock stuff full of great melodies, passionate performances, solid guitar work and a bunch of some impressive tracks. For sure, an album that you have to check out!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - What I Want
02 - Seven Days
03 - Stay
04 - Skin
05 - Promises
06 - I Don't Mind
07 - Riding Shotgun
08 - Here And Now

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