Saturday, April 18, 2015

REVIEW : Fate´s Right Band / Knucklebuster Hits (2015)

Fate´s Right Band was born in the beginning of 2013 by brothers Jari & Marko Aalto together with Jonas Andersson. Jonny Lindkvist and Jens Mann joined the band during spring 2013. This is the band's debut EP and it includes only four songs that are only digital at the moment at iTunes, Spotify,  Google Play,,  Xbox Music, and some other digital services.

The sound here is pure melodic hard rock stuff with very good melodies, 'crispy' guitars, solid arrangements and powerful vocal lines. "Big No No" is a heavier tune with a really monstrous groove, a nice melody and attitude. Surprisingly good track! "Learn To Leave With A Broken Heart" is a typical Scandi-Melodic Rock song that includes a catchy chorus line and a nice guitar solo. "That's Me" grooves while "This Boy Don't Cry" is probably the best tune here. It's edgier with a nasty guitar riff and lots of attitude.

Really interesting 4-track EP by Fate's Right Band that the sure thing is that it leaves a sweet taste in my ears and a big hope for the future. 
Rating :8,2/10

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