Saturday, April 11, 2015

MOXY Signs With Perris Records for "40 Years and Still Riding High" and "Live In Toronto" CD releases.

MOXY Signs With Perris Records for "40 Years and Still Riding High" and "Live In Toronto" CD releases. Both CDs will be released May 22nd, 2015. The "40 Years and Still Riding High" release is a Re-Record of the best of from the first 3 albums: MOXY I, MOXY II and Riding High. The "Live In Toronto" release was recorded at the Sound Academy in Toronto and will include a bonus Orchestral Remix track of "Another Time". Perris Records will also release both titles digitally in the USA, Mexico and South America.

This is what founding member Earl Johnson had to say: ‘It has been a long career for MOXY and what better way to celebrate the music for our 40th anniversary then releasing  "40 Years and Still Riding High" and "Live In Toronto" through Perris Records for the USA. It gives me great pleasure to see these classic songs come to life with some fresh blood and a brand new recording. We didn’t just re-master the songs like a lot of people are doing today but instead we stripped them down, built them back up and re-recorded them to be more contemporary sonically with the recordings of today

MOXY current line-up:
Earl Johnson (Lead Guitar)
Nick Walsh (Lead Vocals) – Slik Toxik, Famous Underground
Alexis Von Kraven (Drums) – Metal Machine,Exorcism
Rob Robbins (Guitar, Background Vocals) – Steel Lily
Oscar Anasetti (Bass, Background Vocals) – Rabid Hole

When MOXY first exploded onto the scene in 1974 with their hit song ‘Can’t You See I’m a Star’ They were destined to become part of the alumni of heavy hitting Canadians making a mark in the U.S.A. MOXY renegotiated a new contract with Polydor of Canada for distribution in affiliation with Mercury Records who reissued the self-titled debut album in North America and worldwide in 1976.

MOXY saw success touring the U.S. with the likes of such artists as Boston, Styx, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Rainbow just to name a few.

The promo clip for ‘MOXY 1974-2014: 40 years and still RIDING HIGH‘
can be viewed below:

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