Saturday, March 21, 2015

REVIEW : JOE MATERA / Louder Than Words (2015)

Joe Matera is an Australian artist that has already a respectful career over his shoulders. I have really enjoyed all of his solo works so far. In my humble opinion, Joe is an accomplished musician. He knows how to write a sweet and emotional melody but, also, knows how to 'put' a muscle in his music when it's necessary.

Nowadays, Matera presents his brand new work which is entitled "Louder Than Words" and I think that this is Joe's best work to date. His latest release, "Terra Firma", was a solid album that featured some really excellent tracks in it. So, I was a bit anxious of what to expect next from Matera. And to tell you the truth, all my expectations were fulfilled with "Louder Than Words".

The new album is a typical rock release! Yes, simple like that; no unnecessary and modern things, just pure classic rock that is played with heart and soul. It includes very good guitar work (with a bluesier vibe), emotional vocals, very good arrangements and, most of all, well-written songs.

Highlights here? Hmm, let me think, I would say that every single track is a ride through Matera's world. Sometimes is a bluesier one (Hands Of Time), sometimes is like ridin' on the highway (Playing With Fire) and sometimes is gettin' groovier (Movin' On).

All in all, Joe Matera with "Louder Than Words" achieved to create his best album to date. As I already mentioned above, Joe Matera is a musician that plays with heart and soul and that's the thing that counts the most nowadays! His music is louder than let the music speak for itself here!

Rating : 8,8/10

Track listing : intro IV, louder than words, guilty pleasures, feel your love, hands of time, days gone by, playing with fire, movin' on, louder than words (acoustic)

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