Sunday, March 22, 2015

REVIEW : Venrez / Children Of The Drones (2015)

Los Angeles based modern heavy rockers Venrez released their debut, 'American Illusion',  in 2013 and gained a very good feedback from fans and press. After the release of the debut, the band toured across the USA and UK/Europe with SLASH, ALICE COOPER, BUCKCHERRY and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR.

Nowadays, the band is back in business with the brand new album which is called "Children Of The Drones". And as Ven (the lead singer) states : ""I think it's what rock needs right now. It's melodic, heavy, the groove is unique and the songs have lyrics with powerful lessons and messages. Venrez is a cerebral band that makes you think while you enjoy the music. I feel it's a new genre all together, which I call 'Epic Alternative Rock' - or 'EAR' for short."

The new album starts off with the heavy riffing, almost hypnotic, tune of "Hang The Predator". In "Children Of The Drones", the band put more muscle and delivers a great rocker with a nice and memorable chorus line. "Salvation" is yet another interesting moment here; it reminds of Billy Idol in his earlier days an it's among my personal tracks from this album. "Reflection" and "Spin The Top" are both good rockers with nice arrangements, powerful performances and good guitar work.

Bottom line is that VENREZ with its brand new release achieves to create a strong album all the way. The main thing here is that this band has its own identity, and the sure thing is that we will hear more of them in the near future. 

Rating : 8 / 10

Track Listing : Hang The Predator, Children Of The Drones, Devil's Due, Salvation, Mist Of Mercy, Deep, 20th Reason, Reflection, Spin The Top, Sacred Blood

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