Thursday, March 26, 2015

MIKE TRAMP returns with a new solo album 'Nomad' this August.

Following his first live appearance in Russia, Mike Tramp have completed his next album in Medley Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. As on his previous 4 albums, co-producer and engineer, Guitar player Soren Andersen, is once again Tramps partner in crime.
The new album will be a full band album from first song to last, and Tramp & Andersen are joined by Morten Hellborn, who played with Tramp and Andersen in the Rock n Roll Circus and bass grooving is being handled by fellow Dane Jesper Haugaard. Hammond B-3 organ will be another Tramp family member, Morten Buchholz.
Tramp says about the new album, "a full rock album was always just amatter of when and this sees once again a natural progression from Cobblestone Street and Museum", but Tramp hints that this is for sure a pure rock album of classic origin and the word acoustic will not be part of the description of it. Fans of Tramp's debut solo album Capricorn, Recovering the Wasted Years and More To Life than this should rejoice. "This is not a departure, it is a contiuing journey onward."
The Album will called Nomad and out late August, followed by a European tour, September onward.

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