Monday, February 16, 2015

REVIEW : MY DEAR ADDICTION / Beautiful (single, 2015)

Usually, when you hear that a band is hailing from Sweden, the first things that come in your mind are strong melodies, catchy and cheerful choruses and, generally, more melodic stuff. In the case of My Dear Addiction, the things are a little bit different. These Swedes here with their brand new track, taken from their up-coming release, come with a heavier and a more nu-metal sound to give us a taste of what to expect from their new album.

As I already mentioned above, "Beautiful" is the first single of the band's up-coming effort and it's about a 'punchy' modern hard rock track that although the 'brutal' (in some places) vocals and the low tuned guitars is not lacking of some impressive melody at all. The chorus sticks in your mind at once and, generally, if their entire new essay will sound like 'Beautiful', then the result will be beautiful!!! I'm looking forward to more music by these guys!

Rating : 9,4/10

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