Sunday, July 23, 2017

REVIEW : EAGLEHEART --- Reverse (2017)

To be honest here, I was looking forward to listening to this new album from Eagleheart. You see, I liked a lot their second opus, "Dreamtherapy", back in 2011. That was a damn fine sample of pure melodic power metal stuff that included a bunch of some killer tunes, strong performances and an overall tight musicianship.

Nowadays, the band strikes back with the brand new "Reverse" effort that once again it has been produced by Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween).

For those who are not familiar with Eagleheart's sound, allow me to say that their sound is a great mix of bands such as Symphony X, Stratovarius and Kamelot (just to name a few) with some more modern power metal elements that makes their sound very very attractive.

The first highlight of the new album comes with "Healing The Stars". This is an excellent and a bit aggressive melodic power metal gem!! Speedy double-kick drums, edgy and heavy guitars, powerful n' epic vocals, superb arrangements and a haunting melody are the ingredients of this excellent song. "All I Am" is another yet killer track out of this new opus. More symphonic but with enough attitude and melody enough to make you wanna push the repeat button again and again!!

"Erased From Existence", "Mind To Decipher" and "Endless" are all three solid pieces of pure Euro melodic power metal stuff. All the above three mentioned tracks show the abilities of this band to deliver high quality power metal stuff with a fresh and updated approach and, also, that Eagleheart is a band that can easily play a protagonist role in this so competitive scene.

This third attempt by Eagleheart is without any doubt a small jewel in this band's career. Epic, dynamic, melodious and sometimes aggressive "Reverse" is an album that must be checked by any fan of the melodic power metal sound. Well done! 

Rating : 8,5/10

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