Saturday, March 30, 2013


Britain's melodic rock heroes FM are back with their new album which is titled "Rockville"! Since their creation, they have released some really impressive albums and put their mark to the melodic rock/AOR scene. Albums such as "Tough It Out", "Aphrodisiac" and their eponymous debut "Indiscreet" are all fine examples of pure melodic bliss with catchy choruses, great performances and superb melodies.

Since their return after many years of silence, the FM boys decided to give a new and fresher air to the band without loosing any of their earlier elements. This new album take us back to their big heydays and make us wonder why this band didn't make it back then to become bigger!! So, "Rockville" is here and it's about a great record!! The album opens with the old-fashioned tune of "Tough Love". Yes, this is a cool mid-tempo rocker with a really nice tempo and a strong beat and of course a sing-a-long chorus line that reminds me a bit of Def Leppard's latest works. "Only Foolin'", taken from the last year's EP, is just pure AOR bliss and a typical FM track!! This album features one of the best songs that I've heard since a long time; "Story Of My Life" is a really huge  power ballad with an explosive chorus line, a fantastic melody and an inspired guitar work that will haunt you!!!! Other highlights are the pop-rocker "High Cost Of Loving", the harder edged and my personal favorite tune of "Crosstown Train" and "Better Late Than Never".

Overall, this is a great and extremely melodic album! All the elements that we love from this band are here; the amazing performances from a very charismatic singer, the inspired guitar lines, the tight musicianship and some really brilliant songwriting make this album a must have for every fan of this scene and aiming for a high position to this year's best top albums!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Tough Love
02. Wake Up The World
03. Only Foolin'
04. Crave
05. Show Me The Way
06. My Love Bleeds
07. Story Of My Life
08 Better Late Than Never
09. Crosstown Train
10. Goodbye Yesterday
11. High Cost Of Loving


  1. Hi,
    I'm a longtime fan of this truly stunning band!

    I rate Rockville1 = 7,9
    Rockville2 = 6,9

  2. Agree.....Rockville "I" is a bit better than "ii" of the second FM album coming soon.

  3. I add that Rockville1 is a "grower" of an album, needs more spins to release its full huge potential !

    Rockille2, though good, is a bit too disparate collection of songs lacking an organic feel as a whole; besides High is an awesome song but a bit out of place.