Sunday, January 11, 2015

REVIEW : STRANGELET / First Bite (2014)

"First Bite" is the debut album by this German hard rock act. Strangelet hails from Heilbronn, Southern Germany and consists of Stefan Zoern on vocals, Tobias Eurich on guitars, Jonas Kuemmerle on keys and piano, Finn Janetzky on bass and Jessica Stuart on drums. Their style is based on U.S. late 80's hard rock filled with big and loud vocals, nice guitars and hard hitting drums. Plus to the above some catchy enough hooks and choruses and there you have a very promising band.

"Privilege Of Power" kicks-off the album here with its high energetic rhythm, its explosive chorus, a heavier riff and Stefan Zoern's powerful vocals. "Nothing" sounds like it was written back in the 80's and it could be a major hit on MTV's 'Headbangers Ball"!! Cool stuff!!! After a couple of nice rockers (Tainted and Pray To Break) comes the absolute highlight from "First Bite"; "Stillborn" is a really huge ballad that includes emotional performances, a hunting melody, strong arrangements and an amazing soloing that gives the extra flavor to this breathtaking track. Check out also the groovier "Touch The Sky", the sweet "All That's Left" and "Hell & Back".

Really impressed here!!! STRANGELET deserve the attention from a bigger audience 'cause they have the 'full package'. They have plenty of talent, they have the right attitude and, most of all, their music rocks! 
Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing :
01. Privilege of Power
02. Nothing
03. Tainted
04. Pray To Break

05. Stillborn
06. Snakebite
07. Hell & Back
08. Touch The Sky
09. Catching Fire
10. All That’s Left
11. Hiding Star

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