Saturday, January 3, 2015

REVIEW : Care Of Night / CONNECTED (2015)

When Swedish Heavy Metal band Seven Tears split-up in 2009, three of its members, Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (keyboards), Jonathan Carlemar (guitars) and Fredrik Lager (bass) decided to continue. Linus Svensson (drums), Carl-Johan “Calle” Schönberg (vocals) and Singer Jens Andersson later joined the band and thus was the first line-up of CARE OF NIGHT. The band who nicked its name from a poetry by Swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer, did some local shows and recorded two songs for a digital release.

In 2013 and after a couple of line-up changes (Jonas Rosengren became the new bass player and Calle Schönberg became the new singer) Care Of Night called ErikAnders Wigelius (from Wigelius) to produce and mix a 4-song E.P. The songs showcased the band’s song-writing abilities and with a powerhouse production, the E.P. became recognised and appreciated by fans of AOR/Melodic Rock around the globe in the autumn of 2013.

So, nowadays, Care Of Night is here with "Connected" to offer to us a solid debut full of melodies, passionate performances and overall very good tracks. From the opening tune of "Cassandra", Care Of Night makes pretty clear that "Connected" is everything that the ordinary AOR fan asks for. A great up-tempo track with a blasting melody, cool guitars and a chorus line to die for! "Heart Belongs" is yet another winner out of this debut; a fast paced rocker that will make you whistle it for days! "Say A Prayer" is movin' to some more west-coast paths while in "Please Remember" we have a great rocker that includes solid arrangements, a harder guitar sound and more in-your-face vocals. Check out, also, the very energetic "Give Me Strength" which is among my favorite tracks here.

The first 'big' melodic rock moment in 2015!!! Yes, Care Of The Night with this debut release is going to make some noise in the nowadays melodic rock/AOR scene. Highly recommended!!!

Rating : 8,5 / 10

Track Listing :

1. Cassandra, 2. Heart Belongs, 3. Those Words, 4. Dividing Lines, 5. Say A Prayer, 6. Contact, 7. Please Remember, 8. Unify, 9. Give Me Strength, 10. Say You Will

- Calle Schönberg – Lead vocals
- Jonathan Carlemar - Guitars
- Kristofer von Wachenfeldt – Keyboards, backing vocals
- Jonas Rosengren - Bass
- Linus Svensson – Drums, backing vocals

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