Friday, September 26, 2014

Melodic power metal band VANLADE seeking new high energy drummer.

Kansas City, Kansas melodic power metal band Vanlade has announced the departure of drummer Cody "CC Spearhead" from its ranks.
The band currently has begun a national search for a new replacement high energy drummer to step in and take command of the rear portion of the stage in order to take the band to the next level of their musical journey.
Vanlade released their debut cd "The Iron Age" through a joint release between Stormspell Records (USA) and Slaney Records (Ireland) during 2012 to worldwide critical acclaim from critics and fans alike.
The band is currently in the final stages of recording their upcoming shock and awe 2nd cd "Rage of the Gods" to be released in 2015 all over the world via soon to be announced record labels.
The requirements for the potential new Vanlade drummer are the following:
• Ability to perform current and upcoming new songs as written and performed on the album at full metal hammer of the gods power, with fierce burning intensity and as if your metal life depended on it.
•Must have great stage presence and conform to the band's overall classic melodic power metal throwback image. Just sounding / performing great ain't going to cut it with the band.
•Commit to the band as a true professional. You must be passionate about your aspirations as an extremely hungry metal warrior musician.
•Must be willing to click the heels of your red magic slippers three times and relocate to Kansas City, Kansas, United States if you do not already live there.

•Be willing and be able to tour while sacrificing absolutely everything but your true inner steel.

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