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Atomic Stuff Records presents Can Of Soul

Atomic Stuff Records presents Can Of Soul

Atomic Stuff Records proudly presents Can Of Soul, the new solo project by Tomas “Tomrocker” Toffolo (Stygma, Why Out); his debut album "Hearreality" is scheduled for release after this summer. “I tried to fix in a musical canvas all the ideas and experiences that for years I've jealously collected in all my projects and shows”, says Tomrocker about this project. «"Hearreality" is a compendium of what, in my mind, is the right feeling that lights the rock, hard rock and metal brothers' and sisters' hearts all over the world. Rock On!»
On "Hearreality" he is accompanied by mainstream and underground rock/metal musicians such as:
- Silvio Masanotti
- Alex "Dynamitale" Motta
- Alessandro "Ajeje" Petrone

Guest musicians:

- Mik "Simmons" Villa
- Mauro "Spookie" Bonfanti
- Daniele Comoglio
- Stefano Cabrera
- Riccardo Corso
- Matteo Trotta

On the label's YouTube channel you can listen to the samples of “Bette Davis Eyes” ( and “Mystic” (

Tomas "Tomrocker" Toffolo - Biography

Strictly classical piano studies for 8 years. Founding member of Italian doom-thrashers Stygma in 1994, they release a single on an underground compilation in 1995 and open at the legendary Factory in Milan for Thy Nature and Sleep Of Right, the project that becomes Lacuna Coil. In 1997, he features several projects and in 1998 he's the co-founder of hard rock cover band Black And Purple. In 2005 he starts performing in Northern Italy with the hard rock cover band Why Out, that releases the EP "Uprising" in 2010, getting positive reviews also abroad; its songs are still broadcasted on hard rock and metal radios in Europe. In 2011 the song "Jesus 2.0" is included in the USA compilation "Kill City". He’s also the voice of Hand Of Doom Milano, a Black Sabbath tribute band with an impressively similar 70’s sound. Since 2012 he’s one of the resident vocalists of Rock Against Cancer. He's been performing more than 300 gigs, sometimes sharing the stage also with important Italian musicians and session men, performing at the main live festivals and locations such as Live Music Club, Sabbie Evolution, Amigdala Theatre, AlmennoRock, GreenFestival and the 53rd Festival of Majano. He's the author of the songs for his solo project Can Of Soul, featured on the first full length "Hearreality".

Photos by Giorgio Zambelli.


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