Friday, August 1, 2014

Space Elevator

Arriving without fanfare,Space Elevator is
the brand new British rock band with their eponymously titled debut album now released.
“We Will Rock You” guitarist David Young, enlists some of the best rock musicians. Elliott Ware (The Who/Rock of Ages/We Will Rock You) on keys, Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore/The Brian May Band) on bass and Brian Greene (George Benson/Curved Air) on drums and the mysterious lead singer “The Duchess”.

Being tired of the endless stream of manufactured reality TV acts, Space Elevator want to re-incarnate the era of Classic Rock with brand new songs. The resulting new album is a distinctive Classic Rock sound in the tradition of Queen, Kate Bush, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac, with well-crafted songs, screaming guitar solos and theatrical vocals delivered brilliantly by the Duchess…Think 70/80’s TIMELESS.

Recorded at Mike Moran Music in conjunction with Adam Van Ryne (Elaine Paige, Greg Lake, Freddie Mercury, Gary Moore, Dave Clark).

The mysterious Duchess’s amazing vocal range has to be heard and is ideal for anyone who likes their rock music with a dash of theatre. Her love song to Dr Who “I Will Find You” is breath-taking and the band match this, with a blistering performance of anthemic power rock. The Duchess, a superb vocalist who comes into the well-deserved spotlight and the exquisite
guitar playing from David Young, make this “the flabberghasting album for 2014” and not to be

Track Listing
1. Elevator (first single)
2. We are the Losers
3. I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)
4. Ordinary Day
5. Little White Lies
6. Loneliness of Love
7. More than Enough
8. Really Don’t Care
9. Oils and Bubbles
10. We Can Fly
11. Move On

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