Wednesday, July 16, 2014

International metallers EXORCISM just signed a contract with German based booking agent EAM Agentur.

International metallers EXORCISM just signed a contract with German based booking agent EAM Agentur. They will add the new outfit to their list of agents and have them act as the main Agency. The company also has several offices in ItalyUSA, CANADA, SOUTH AMERICA, MEXIKO, UK and Austria.

Singer Csaba Zvekan comments on this joint venture: “I am excited and have a great gut feeling about all this. The company is new and fresh and gives everybody a clean start. Totally looking forward to work with these guys and gals. Let’s get them all Exorcised! ”
EXORCISM recently released they critically acclaimed debut album “I AM GOD” that was released earlier this year. A video with the single “Higher” was also released just this month, wich was featured on KrankTV. The video can be viewed below.
EXORCISM are confirmed later this summer for the METALWAR FEST OPEN AIR 2014, in Budapest, Hungary on 5th September 2014.
Csaba Zvekan – Vocals
Joe Stump – Guitars
Lucio Manca – Bass
Garry King – Drums

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