Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HOUSTON ‘Relaunch II’ Album Details Revealed, Lyrics Video Released

Swedish AOR outfit HOUSTON will release their fourth album, “Relaunch II“, on September 8th worldwide via Livewire/Cargo RecordsHOUSTON released today the brand new lyric video for the song “Our Love“, the song featuring guests from Reckless LoveCrazy LixxCasablanca & Reach

Relaunch II’ is the follow up to ‘Relaunch’ that was released in 2011 and featured the song ‘Runaway’ that was included in Danny MacAskills Imaginate video from Redbull, The video has an amazing 20 million views and counting.
Relaunch II’ consists 6 cover songs of John FarnhamJohn O’BanionOne RepublicRick SpringfieldFlorida Georgia LineLady Gaga and 4 brand new songs from the band.
The band has gone through some changes, we have a new line-up and we want this album to show that we are still paying tribute to the music that inspired us to form the band that is Houston today and that we’re experimenting a lot more than ever. We’ve got a brilliant new band both on record and live and we live in such an interesting musical time where we can experiment with different genres” says frontman Hank Erix.

Relaunch II’ teaser video: http://youtu.be/_kOgZZra4YU

Track listing:
1. Justice For One (Originally by John Farnham)
2. Love Is Blind (Originally by John O’Banion)
3. Counting Stars * (Originally by One Republic)
4. Souls (Originally by Rick Springfield)
5. Don’t Look Back (Brand new from Houston)
6. Cruise (Originally by Florida Georgia Line)
7. Do What You Want ** (Originally by Lady Gaga)
8. Our Love (Brand new from Houston)
9. Downtown (Brand new from Houston)
10. Standing On The Moon (Brand new from Houston)
* Duet with Victor Lundberg
** Duet with Lizette Von Panajott
Produced by Ricky Delin.
Hank Erix (Lead vocals)
Ricky Delin (Keyboards/Backing vocals)
Soufian Ma’Aoui (Bass)
Calle Hammar (Guitars/Backing vocals)
Victor Lundberg (Keyboards/Backing vocals )
Oscar Lundström (Drums)
HOUSTON just confirmed to play the ROCK OF AGES Festival 2014, which will take place July 25 & 26 in Seebronn, Germany and are appearing at a one off show at the Barfly in London, ÚK on October 16th supported by The Spin and Reach.

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