Saturday, July 5, 2014

HELL'S CHOPPER / First Ride (2014)

Hell's Chopper is a newbie in the metal scene. The band was originally formed in 2007 when Paolo De Leonardis, Patrick Pavesi and Jacopo Longhi decided that was time to create a band based on their influences and bands such as Thin Lizzy, Metallica and Judas Priest. They wanted also to put their own identity to their music and after several line-up changes they achieved to release the first official debut 4 track-EP in 2010.

Nowadays, Hell's Chopper is releasing their debut full-length effort and they are ready to make their name well-known to a bigger audience. The music is influenced by the 80's metal scene with a fresh and up-dated sound that makes the final result more than good. There are plenty and heavy riffs (Red Blood River, Mental Blindness, Burn The Witches, In Your Face e.t.c.) enough to bang your head for days. The vocal performances are powerful and aggressive and the musicianship tight.

The fact is that during the first listening of "First Ride" I caught myself enjoying most of the songs here and, to be honest, I didn't find any weak moment or something boring. They have talent and passion and that's a thing that reflects to their music. As I mentioned above, these guys are trying to reveal the 80's metal sound and the truth is that they do it well.

For those who like their metal 'classic', powerful, speedy and melodic with some really strong guitar work, don't hesitate to check this talented band.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Mental Blindness
2. Red Blood River
3. Rock Out (Fool)
4. A Chopper From Hell
5. Burn The Witches
6. Night Of The Storm II
7. Kingdome's Free
8. A-Train
9. Struggle For Breathe
10. In Your Faces
11. Feel The Fire
12. Ride On You!

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