Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Torpedohead release new video "Shanghide" !

Torpedohead release new video "Shanghide" !
Torpedohead have unleashed their new video for the promo track "Shanghide".
The song is the first new track the band has released since their last album in 2012 and is a showcase of fast-forward rock n' roll with a modern edge and the shape of things to come in the future of Torpedohead.
The new videoclip also features a collaboration with the new york times bestselling author "Tim Dorsey" who can be heard reciting a rant of free poetry over the music of Torpedohead. The novels of Tim Dorsey are a surreal, Florida-noir way of looking at things and feature the crazy anti-hero Serge Storms who brings his own moral justice on the establishment.
Combining a riff oriented sound, melodic supercatchy choruses and some tasty lead guitar work with the contrast to fast and furious punk rock n' roll while transforming this into their own modern rock sound, Germany's Torpedohead live the imagination of a 70s stadium rock n' roll tape coming through a trashy 90s stereo, digitally remastered today for speeding down the autobahn !
Watch the video right here:
spacebrain-promotion / woodhouse-records

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