Sunday, June 15, 2014

DELAIN / The Human Contradiction (2014)

"The Human Contradiction" is entitled DELAIN's brand new effort. The band with its latest release left us a sweet taste but also a promise for bigger things in the near future. The fact is also that all these symphonic metal bands are trying very hard to balance between metal and pop metal. This new one, in my humble opinion, has it all!

There are some excellent vocal performances by Charlotte Wessels, who sounds better than ever, heavier guitars, a tight musicianship, melodies and a bunch of some really great songs that makes "The Human Contradiction" a pleasant listen.

Highlights here? Many, if you ask me; one of these highlights here are without a doubt the heavy, symphonic with a haunting melody tune of "Your Body Is A Battleground" that includes an ultra catchy chorus line to die for. "Don't Let Go"(bonus track in the deluxe edition) is simply breathtaking; it's moving perfectly between pop and metal with a great harmony, a more updated and modern sound and, of course, another catchy hook and chorus. Another killer song is "The Tragedy Of The Commons". Beautiful and aggressive at the same time, almost poetic, with a cinematographic vibe in it and most of all Charlotte Wessels' amazing vocal lines. "Tell My, The Mechanist" and "Army Of Dolls" are both very good tunes.

Bottom line is that "The Human Contradiction" is a quality and an overall very good and enjoyable record. I really don't know, if this album will be a classic, only time will tell, the only thing that I know and I can assure you here is that I enjoyed every single moment of it. Very recommended stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

01 – Here Come the Vultures
02 – Your Body is a Battleground
03 – Stardust
04 – My Masquerade
05 – Tell my, Mechanist
06 – Sing to Me
07 – Army of Dolls
08 – Lullaby
09 – The Tragedy of the Commons
Bonus CD:
01 – Scarlet
02 – Don’t Let Go
03 – My Masquerade (Live)
04 – April Rain (Live)
05 – Go Away (Live)
06 – Sever (Live)
07 – Stay Forever (Live)
08 – Sing to Me (Orchestra)
09 – Your Body is a Battleground (Orchestra)

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