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The title of A.Z.'s sophomore full-length, 'Brutally Beautiful,' could not have been better titled. Upon listening to the disc, you will automatically pick up on the fact that the band are masters at penning tunes that manage to be heavy yet melodic at the same time. Case in point, such instant A.Z. classics as "Reflux," "Drive the Nails," and "Lucky Day," among countless others.

The band - which consists of Clark Walker (vocals/guitar), Josh Smith (guitar), Josh Thompson (guitar), Buck Gillispie (bass), and Drew Hobbs (drums), and whose name is an abbreviation for "Absolute Zero" - issued 'Brutally Beautiful' this past Valentine's Day, and the feedback from fans has been outstanding, as evidenced by comments the band has received upon posting the new album on YouTube:

"'Brutally Beautiful' is exactly that!!! Seriously wicked album!! LOVE IT!!!"

"I could never say enough about this album!"

"Finally had the chance to listen all the way through...the energy on this is great, never let's down. Can't wait to have you guys on the show and dig into this!"

Influenced by a wide variety of modern day and classic hard rock/heavy metal bands (Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Staind, Sevendust, Mudvayne, etc.), it all comes together within the grooves of 'Brutally Beautiful.' And Walker has a few personal favorite tracks of the bunch - "'Drive the Nails' and 'Lucky Day' would be two of my top song picks for A.Z.. They both tap into the raw emotion and anger that I know fans can connect with on many different levels. 'Drive the Nails' is about being hurt, being abused, being mistreated, but in the end all this misfortune makes you stronger as a person. Coming out on the other side better, stronger, more focused than before. 'Lucky Day' is about someone's luck finally turning on them after a long run of mistreating and taking others for granted. Two songs that most everyone can relate in one form or another." And in addition to the strong tunes, A.Z. also brings the thunder live, and the band will be criss-crossing America through the summer and into the fall.

And fans can expect to witness the new tunes being taken to a whole other level, when A.Z. rocks a venue near you soon. A.Z. is wall-to-wall heaviness, in store for those courageous enough to brave the music of A.Z. Hard rock and heavy metal fans will find plenty to adore in A.Z.'s music, plenty of reasons to raise the horn fingers. Exquisite guitar riffs, metallic melodies, and blazing chunks of musical energy all come blistering out of the speakers in a fury of rock-n-roll.

1. Four Brothers
2. T-rex
3. Drive the Nails
4. Reflux
5. Sunlight
6. Lucky Day
7. Who Will Save You?
8. Dinorar
9. Pteradactlelypse
10. Three Days
11. Never Broken
12. 36 & 4
13. Smoke
14. Six Feet Away
15. Sin Again
16. Mums
17. Better Place


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