Friday, April 18, 2014

WINGER / Better Days Comin' (2014) - Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Winger the band that back in the 80's, early 90's, was one of the hottest names in the hair metal scene and was on a daily basis a must airplay in the MTV, nowadays, is releasing its brand new album which is entitled "Better Days Comin'". In 2009, the band released the great and a classic already "Karma" record, and for that reason, and also for that this band is one of my all time favorites, I was expecting this one anxiously.

"Better Days Comin'" continues from where "Karma" left; and that means that here we find a bunch of some great rockers, awesome mid-tempos but, also, some more complex, proggy heavy rock tracks that all showing the genius of this band's musicians.

"Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine" kicks-off the record in an old-fashion way. A great up-tempo rocker in the vain of Winger's fantastic "Pull" album but with a more 'modern' heavy rock approach. Lovely start! Kip Winger is sounding in top form and the guitar work here is simply stunning!"Queen Babylon" is yet another killer song! Heavier but with a nice groove in it. "Rat Race" is an awesome fast paced rocker with a heavy riff and an ultra catchy chorus line! "Better Days Comin'" features a cool funky rhythm in it and it sounds like a leftover from the band's "IV" record. "Tin Soldier" is pure Winger; the progressive elements along with some fusion pinches as well make their appearance in this gem of a song. "Even Wonder" is one of my favorites from "Better Days Comin'". Modern, bluesier with a darker vibe but with a beautiful melody this tune is a true highlight especially for those who like the band's latest efforts. "So Long China" brings back the up-tempo rhythms while in "Storm In Me" the band is movin' to some darker, moodier paths. The atmospheric "Be Who You Are, Now" is overall good and reminds me of Kip Winger's solo works. This edition features a bonus track, "Another Beautiful Day" which is in my humble opinion the weakest tune here!! The album closes with the breathtaking tune of "Out Of This World" that includes a so sweet melody and a huge guitar solo!! The deluxe edition, also, features a bonus DVD that includes two videos and the making of Better Days Comin'.

Bottom line is that this is another solid album by this legendary hard rock band, period! This is not a new "In The Heart Of The Young" or "Pull" or even "Karma"; this new one stands on its own beside this band's discography it sounds fresh, updated with all the Winger's elements from the past along with their latest pinches as well. The songwriting is great, the arrangements are perfect, the performances great too and the guitar work....stunning. Highly recommended stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Midnight Driver of a Love Machine 
02. Queen Babylon
03. Rat Race
04. Better Days Comin'
05. Tin Soldier
06. Ever Wonder
07. So Long China
08. Storm In Me
09. Be Who You Are, Now
10. Another Beautiful Day (deluxe edition bonus track)
11. Out Of This World

Kip Winger - vocals, bass
Reb Beach - guitar
John Roth - guitar
Rod Morgenstein - drums

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