Saturday, March 1, 2014

TEMPERANCE / Temperance (2014)

Temperance is a new star in the Heavy Metal universe, born from the dedication and efforts of a group of musicians with more than a decade of experience in the scene, hundreds of concerts played with the likes of Rhapsody Of Fire, Dragonforce, Parkway Drive, Leave’s Eyes and Rage to name a few, and a renovated desire to make an impact.

This is the band's debut album and was mixed and mastered by the renowned musician/producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy.

Temperance's sound can be described as the perfect mix of progressive metal/modern heavy metal with plenty of melodies, attitude and catchy choruses with Chiara'a amazing vocal performances in front row and a big and 'fat' guitar sound! Take for example the opening tune of "Tell Me" and you'll get the picture of Temperance's sound!! Melody and power in a perfect balance! The 'brutal' vocal duties by Marco (Pastorino) are givin' the extra something to this song and of course Chiara's superb and melodic lines are taking this track to a higher level! Brilliant stuff! "Hero" is another highlight, and much like as the opener, while in "Heaven's Above" we have a more complex tune filled with a more progressive sound. "To Be With You" is simply great; an up-tempo, ass-kickin melodic modern metal gem with a great guitar work that includes some really solid arrangements and a cool chorus line! Other highlights here are "Scared And Alone", "Lotus" and the amazing "Breathe".

Really impressed by Temperance! A solid debut album all the way that features a great songwriting, powerful and at the same time emotional vocal performances, plenty melodies to die for, a tight musicianship and strong arrangements! The biggest surprise of 2014 so far!!! Well done!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track listing :
1. Tell Me
2. Hero
3. Heavens Above
4. Breathe
5. To Be With You
6. Scared & Alone
7. The Fourth Season
8. Relentlessly
9. Dejavu
10. Stronger
11. Lotus

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