Thursday, March 6, 2014

L.R.S. (LA VERDI-RAMOS-SHOTTON) / Down To The Core (2014)

L.R.S. is a brand new melodic rock project, presented by Frontiers Records, and consists of Tommy La Verdi (21 GUNS), Josh Ramos (THE STORM, HARDLINE) and Michael Shotton (VON GROOVE, AIRTIME). Started initially as a way to bring back to the public the amazing vocal talent of Tommy La Verdi, a singer which came to the attention of the fans on the fabulous 21 GUNS debut album "Salute" in 1992, the whole project morphed into a power band trio when two other well-known musicians: guitar player Josh Ramos and drummer Michael Shotton were brought into the picture by the album producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE).

I felt honored when Serafino Perugino, Frontiers Records President, offered me the opportunity to return to the homeland of my family and to work with people I respect artistically”, says Tommy La Verdi and Josh Ramos adds: “It was great to work with Alessandro. I got to know him first through e-mail, then when I met him in person it was like I already knew him, nice person, great singer, producer, keyboard player and cook.....". 

The album starts off with the old-fashion tune of "Our Love To Stay". This is the perfect introduce of L.R.S.' music! It has a feel-good vibe in it and the chorus line lift you up to heaven! "Living For A Dream" features some really inspired keyboards, a cool riff and a very nice melody with again a memorable chorus line! "I Can Take You There" is a sweet mid-tempo, "Shadow Of A Man" includes a west coast AOR 'touch' while "To Be Your Man" is another gem from this debut! A sweet song that features emotional vocal performances, a such a beautiful harmony and a huge chorus line! "Down To The Core" is a great rocker and "Waiting For Love" is another up-tempo 80's rocker and of course a highlight, again!!!!!

Pretty impressive album all the way! Three great musicians (LA VERDI-RAMOS-SHOTTON) along with the elite of todays melodic rock scene (Nicola Mazzucconi bass, fretless bass/
Anna Portalupi bass, fretless bass/ Jamie Browne) and, of course, with the magic touch of the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio and there you have an incredible AOR record that can't be missed by any fan of this scene!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
Our Love To Stay; Livin’ 4 A Dream; I Can Take You There; Never Surrender; Almost Over You; Shadow Of A Man; Universal Cry; To Be Your Man; Down To The Core; I Will Find My Way; Waiting For Love; Not One Way To Give.

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