Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bruce Bouillet releases trailer for up coming album

Guitarist Bruce Bouillet is a player who consistently delivers albums that are well written, heavy, dynamic and emotional. He has enjoyed a successful career for the past couple of decades as both a sought after player, and a fixture within the Los Angeles studio scene. He returns in 2014 with a new band The Order Of Control, and a self-titled album on Mascot Label Group's Music Theories imprint. The moniker directly references the hierarchy of control, which Bouillet see as "the invisible force that pulls the strings around us."

The Order Of Control is the guitarist's third instrumental release, and one that he contemplated heavily before heading in to the studio to track. Bouillet shares, "My primary objective was to focus on writing songs that didn't sound as if I was cramming every guitar exercise into a riff. I intentionally steered clear of things that are played out or over used on the guitar, while still giving a healthy dose of fire throughout." He was also committed to making the bass and drums as equally
interesting and progressive as the guitar work when collaborating with Dave Foreman (Bass) and Glen Sobel (Drums).

Bouillet made the move towards instrumental music when conspiring creatively with Foreman about eight years ago. He offers, "Dave is a L.A. underground legend. He has played on more big albums then I can list, some of which include Dj Quick, Aaliyah, Tupac, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, and Boyz to Men. His main instrument is guitar, but he plays all instruments amazing. We became good friends years ago, and ended up writing a huge catalog for TV and Film, which is now featured
in sports broadcasts regularly in the U.S. Eventually we started writing instrumental stuff for ourselves, and inevitably he is the main reason I started to write my own instrumental albums. His bass playing on the new album is incredible, and even though he is known for more hip hop and R&B, his rock playing really brings something new to the table."

When asked about Sobel, he offers, "Glen is a L.A. based drummer who tours with Alice Cooper, but has also played with Beautiful Creatures, and Orianthi.” In 2013, Bouillet returns with The Order Of Control, his third instrumental album, set for release on January 24, 2014 via Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings/Warner Music Finland.

See trailer here: http://youtu.be/ae2FEszn4uc

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