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Human Fortress is a German based epic melodic metal band that has released two really solid albums in 2001 ("Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir") and 2003 ("Defenders Of The Crown"). After that and due to some personal issues, their original vocalist left the band and, with a new line-up, Human Fortress were back in 2008 with the more complex album "Eternal Empire".

And when I'm sayin' complex I mean that the band changed their familiar sound into a more aggressive, heavier one. That turn mixed-up the feelings of the die-hards of the band and nowadays Human Fortress is back again with the brand new "Raided Land". What we have here now is the reunion of the band's former members Todd Wolf (guitars), Volker Trost (guitars) and Apostolos "Laki" Zaios (drums), added by new members Dirk Liehm (keyboards), Andre Hort (bass) and last but not least - the new vocalist of HUMAN FORTRESS, Brazilian Gus Monsanto (ex-Revolution Renaissance/Adagio).

The goal for their mission was clear right from the start: "We wanted to continue with the style of music that Human Fortress was known for after the first two albums "Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir" (2001) and "Defenders Of The Crown (2003)", guitarist Wolf explains. "Of course there will be a different flavor to the new material, because we have a new singer, a new bassist and keyboard player. Also we of course don’t want to deliver a 1:1 copy of our previous albums. But the fans can look forward to an album that features all typical Human Fortress trademarks.”

The new album kicks off with the powerful, heavy and melodic "Raided Land". An impressive start that put the listener into Human Fortress world! "Child Of War" is another impressive melodic metal gem; a heavy riff, some really huge harmonies, strong performances and a big and in-your-face chorus line! "Wasted Years" is movin' into some more melodic paths while "The Chosen One" features a more aggressive vibe in it with a great guitar work! "Shelter", "Dark Knight" and "Evil Curse" are all classic Human Fortress tunes that all three include great arrangements, strong guitar lines and the well-known epic pinches.

Bottom line is that "Raided Land" marks the return of Human Fortress to their well-known epic melodic metal paths and at the end achieve to deliver a strong record that will please each and every single fan of this band but also to earn some new fans. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Raided Land
02. Child Of War
03. Wasted Years
04. The Chosen One
05. Shelter
06. Gladiator Of Rome (Part 2)
07. Dark Knight
08. Prelude
09. Pray For Salvation
10. Evil Curse
11. Restless Souls
12. Under Siege
13. Guard The Blind

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