Wednesday, September 4, 2013

VAREGO release date and new video

On September 2nd, marked the official release date of the new VAREGO ep "Blindness of the Sun".

While the work started to get positive feedbacks across the board, the band is ready with the new videoclip, the single "Hesperian", which can be seen by clicking here:

Here some recent press quotes:
"Blindness Of The Sun only furthers this young band down a path of success to an inevitable destiny of infinite greatness" DEATHPORTAL

"Esoteric music at its best" IYEZINE

"Imagine this: around the sludge and black, but with a real appetite for the 'progressive' not intended as sound but as a concept" SALAD DAYS

"Band of the day: have a listen, you could be surprised!" MOSHVILLE

"...experimenting with doom/sludge and progressive metal and combining strong esoteric themes with heavier psychedelia" AGAINST THE ODDS

"Blindness of The Sun is a candidate to be one of the most interesting EP of 2013 in the post metal scene" MUSICVERSUM

"The dissontant dysfunctions constantly intertwine with the a madness genius" SON OF FLIES

"One of the most stunning releases actually in the post metal scene" ITALIA DI METALLO

"The more aggressive sludge binded to progressive and psychedelic elements" BRUTAL CRUSH

"The band is processing his sound creating extraordinary and original colored atmospheres and progressive sludge of mysticism and spirituality, which fascinate and hypnotize the listener into a trance" ROCK METAL ESSENCE

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