Tuesday, September 3, 2013


To be honest, I have never heard the name of Andrée Theander till' now that I received the digital promo for my review. By reading Andrée Theander's bio, I started to become curious about this really excellent musician.

From the age of ten, he started playing the six-string and later he began to write lyrics. He studied at the Music University in Sweden and developed his musical skills in Los Angeles, CA.

During his stay in California, Theander 'jammed' with several session musicians and he finally played with the well-known session musician Jeff Lorber's album "Galaxy" in 2012. Returning to his homeland, he began his musical concerns for his next step which was be his first solo album. So the "THE THEANDER EXPRESSION" began to take shape with the addition of well-known and acclaimed musicians such as the amazing vocalist Göran Edman (Street Talk, Glory, Y. Malmsteen), the young and promising Christian Hedgren on vocals, Herman Furin (Work Of Art, Fergie Frederiksen) and Linus Abrahamson and Michael Ottosson.

So, nowadays, the first step of Andrée Theander is titled "Strange Nostalgia". The question now is 'what should we expect from another AOR project ?'. The answer is simple : "well-played melodic rock or AOR if you prefer, stuff with a strong emphasis on beautiful melodies, well-made compositions, impressive vocal performances and generally a very pleasant album that definitely should not go unnoticed by any fan of this scene '.

Highlights here are the up-tempo and incredible catchy tune of "Conception Of Life", the melodious "Like A Chameleon", "Feelings Of Luxury" and "Meet Me There Tonight". A really good AOR release certainly should not go unnoticed.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
  1. Conception Of Life
  2. Strange Nostalgia
  3. Insanity Cell
  4. Like A Chameleon
  5. Sanguine
  6. Feelings Of Luxury
  7. Mr. Know-It-All
  8. Masterpiece In The Dark
  9. Meet Me There Tonight
  10. Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams

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