Friday, August 30, 2013

Swedish rockband Cruzh reveals their identities

On March 14th this year rock band Cruzh launched in various different forums and online media. The only thing that was shown was an image showing the silhouette of the three band members, the debut song "In a blink of an eye," information that the band was Swedish and the exciting text "Get ready for the Cruzh".

The song quickly spread on the internet and both Swedish and international websites and radio stations played it and speculated around the identities of the bandmembers. In May came the sequel "Stay" which continued in the same melodic rock spirit. Cruzh promised to show ourselves on the single cover, which we did, but only in the shape of our eyes. Meanwhile, the band spread various clues on their Facebook page, regarding our whereabouts.

We chose to keep ourselves hidden during the launch mainly because we wanted the audience to focus on the music instead of us, but of course also to create a hype and interest in the band, which we managed to do both in Sweden and internationally. Now, however, we have reached a point where we have chosen to show us to take it all to the next level and reach out to a larger mass.

Cruzh is:
Tony Andersson - keyboards, vocals (also active in Dawn of Oblivion)
Anton Joensson - guitar, background vocals (also active in Eye and previously in TrashQueen)
Dennis Butabi Borg - bass, background vocals (formerly in TrashQueen)

How did we end up here?
2010 - 2012 Anton and Butabi played together in swedish sleaze/glam band TrashQueen, a band which during its lifetime reaped great success, with several major festival and club gigs. This paid off when the band was crowned the country's second-best unsigned metal band in Sweden's biggest rock contest Released & Unsigned. With the debut album at 99% completed, however, the air went out of the band for various reasons and the members decided to try new projects.

Anton and Butabi shared love of melodic rock, AOR and joined forces with Tony Andersson (from Dawn of Obliovion, one of the largest and most important goth metal bands in Europe) who previously worked as a studio musician on the TrashQueen record. All three operate as songwriters in Cruzh and among the influences are Def Leppard, Toto, FM, Winger, Firehouse and Bryan Adams. The next song, "Hard to get" a real party song, will be released in September. A limited edition maxi single will then be produced with all the 3 songs recorded so far.

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