Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hell's Island is a band that originally was formed in Italy, Brescia, in 2002. The band's first EP was released in 2005 and their sound can be characterized as a mixture of many heavy elements with strong melodies. After that, Hell's Island toured and performed live and on January 2009 the nine track self-produced "II" album was a fact.

Between 2011 and 2012, they have recorded two brand new tracks, with a strong prog. dose. These two new songs plus two re-mixed tunes from the "II" album were included in the band's newest EP with the title "Black Painted Circle".

"G.O.D. (Guilty Of Dying)" is the opening track and it's a groovy and at the same time heavy 'modern' metal tune with low tuned guitars, powerful in-your-face vocals and a catchy chorus line. "Black Painted Circle" starts with a heavy riff that's gives its place to a mid-tempo rhythm with a beautiful dark melody and shows the progressive side of Hell's Island. "Opaque Solo" and "Down Again" are the two tracks that were originally recorded for the "II" album. "Opaque Solo" is a good alternative rock song but nothing really breathtaking while "Down Again" can be described as a very good modern track with attitude.

All in all, I have to say that the two new tracks are both very good samples of Hell's Island music. Both have very good arrangements, powerful performances and some really good guitar work. The older tracks didn't impress me at all but I think that this band with the two new songs shows that is getting better and I think that in the near future Hell's Island will aim at some bigger things.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 6/10 

Track List : G.O.D. (Guilty Of Dying), Black Painted Circle, Opaque Solo, Down Again

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