Tuesday, June 18, 2013


After their last year's essential debut album, Chasing Violets are back with their second opus which is titled "Jade Hearts". With their debut, Sarah and Melissa Fontaine offered us a solid album full of great melodies, a tight musicianship, some catchy enough choruses to sing-a-long for days and an impressive guest list.

Nowadays, these dynamic sisters are ready to deliver another one great example of pure melodic rock bliss. In "Jade Hearts", these French beauties are collaborating with some of the 'hottest' names of today's melodic rock scene such as David Mark Pearce, Stefano Lionetti, Mario Percudani, Tommy Denander and Frederic Slama among others.

"Main Attraction" opens this album with a 'punchy' riff, a beautiful melody and some really powerful performances. A great track and an appetizer of what's coming-up next!! "Web Of Lies" rocks while "A Shot In The Dark" has an 80's AOR-ish vibe in it which brings back memories from this scene's glorious days. "Silent Victory", " Jade Hearts", "Secrets In The Shadows" and "Deception In Heaven" are all very good tunes with catchy choruses and hooks, very good arrangements, nice melodies and solid performances. "The Scarlet Nymph", the longest track of this album, is one of the highlights here. Everything here is perfectly balanced and as I already mentioned is a truly highlight!!

Overall this is a very good album all the way. Beautiful melodies, inspired harmonies, solid performances, a very good guitar work and some catchy tracks are the things that you have to expect from Chasing Violets' second release. A must have for every fan of pure melodic rock sound. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. The Main Attraction
02. Web Of Lies
03. A Shot In The Dark
04. Silent Victory
05. Deception In Heaven
06. Jade Hearts
07. Secrets In The Shadows
08. Hollow Triumph
09. Exile In Sadness
10. The Scarlet Nymph
11. Halo Of Light
12. I Owe It to Myself

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