Monday, March 4, 2013


Hillock Productions is proud to announce the imminent launch of the long awaited biography of Jeff Scott Soto entitled Stand Up And Shout…The Story Of A Rock Star.

This authorised biography, by Frank Tunney, takes the reader through Jeff's early years right up to the present day ahead of his forthcoming European tour. Frank, who has been Jeff's tour manager for over 10 years, has based the book on a limited edition biography, which was published in 2001 (but only in German) by Ronny Hahn, a long-time Talismanand Jeff Scott Soto fan. This original content has been translated, researched and expanded by Frank in order to cover the past 10 years and to bring the story to a wider audience.
Stand Up And Shout…The Story Of A Rock Star follows Jeff's career - from his first college band through to W.E.T. and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Running to over 400 pages, the book is filled with facts and anecdotes and is illustrated with more than 120 pictures, many of which are from Jeff's own extensive archive. These include track-listings; cover art and a comprehensive, up to date discography/videography, together with many quotes from Jeff, his fellow musicians and backstage team.

The first 100 copies will be available during Jeff's 2013 Tour, as a limited advance edition of the 'book' on a USB card – ahead of the official publication, which will be in Kindle, iBook and eBook formats, as well a digitally printed version on Amazon's Create Space platform.
Author, Frank Tunney noted; “I wanted this to be a biography that wasn't based on 'kiss and tell' but doesn't pull any punches and tells you everything you wanted to know. I hope every fan of Jeff Scott Soto and Melodic Rock will find plenty in Stand Up And Shout that will both surprise, delight and leave them wanting to more.” 
Soto commented; “…it has EVERYTHING I have done in it! There are a lot of inputs from many I have worked with in the business, but one thing it's not and that's a tell-all...I don't want an exploitation book out there, it's not necessary, this is more of a chronicle of my life and leaves no stone unturned!”

List Of Chapters:
An Epilogue for Marcel Jacob (1964 – 2009) / Biography – Jeffrey Scott Soto (1964 - ) / Leading roles including: College Bands, Yngwie Malmsteen, 'Panther', 'Kuni' (Kuni Takeuchi), 'Eyes', 'Talisman, 'The Boogie Knights', 'Takara', 'Axel Rudi Pell', 'Skrδpp Mettle', 1994 – 2013: 'Jeff Scott Soto' - Solo Releases, 'Redlist' and 'Velvet J' – “Ignorance”, 'Soul SirkUS', 'Journey', 'Trans-Siberian Orchestra', 'W.E.T.', 'The Queen Extravaganza' / Demos, Backing Vocals, Collaborations and Producing: Cinematic, Video, Radio and other media projects / Tribute Albums / Solo Touring and Appearances (1996 Onwards) / Discography & Videography.
The Players: Marcel Jacob, Tom Werman – Producer (1990 – 2001), Frontiers Records (2002 - ), Jeff Scott Soto's fellow band members, Team Soto – the back office.

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