Thursday, March 28, 2013

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ON A BRIDGE OF DUST join Atomic Stuff

One and a half years.

ON A BRIDGE OF DUST have been waiting for a very long time, but they never got the chance to publish their first full-length “Facing The Opposite”.
Here at Atomic Stuff, we re-discovered this album that was likely to stay locked in a drawer because of the music industry crisis, and we decided to give it a second chance.

Because we were very impressed by
ON A BRIDGE OF DUST and by their post-progressive rock that swings on a thin line between an alternative/post-rock attitude in the arrangement (Radiohead, Mogway) and a merely metal rhythm section (Tool, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle).

Like it or not, here at Atomic Stuff we listened to this album and we felt something, among these rhythmic and harmonious structures, that was kept in suspense, something boiling, an intention that, properly expanded, could explode in something extremely peculiar. Only Metal ManiAc understood, already one year ago, the band's potential and reviewed it as band of the month.

So listen to “Facing The Opposite” the whole album can be downloaded for free, 

( or with a donation ( and watch the videoclip for “Reckoning” (, and then feel free to judge… or simply enjoy a good album.

X-Ray Life, second song posted online
Italian rockers X-Ray Life made available at this link ( "665 Inside", the second extract from their self-titled debut album, released on November 10th, 2012 under Atomic Stuff Records.

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