Tuesday, March 26, 2013


De La Cruz is a new sensational melodic hard rock band that hails from Australia and they are playing hard rock stuff in the vain of Def Leppard, Winger, Danger Danger and Bon Jovi among others. In 2011, the band released its debut EP that received some really great reviews and nowadays De La Cruz presents their first full-length effort that will make every single fan of the glorious 80's hard rock scene happy!

As I said above, one of the band's biggest influences is Def Leppard. Yes, the British hard rock legends are De La Cruz' major influence and that's a thing that reflects to their music. In my humble opinion, this is a very good album all the way and an album that will make some noise among today's particular scene. For sure, it's nothing new or something breathtaking but be sure that these young rockers can and will rock your world. The choruses are catchy enough to whisper for days, the guitars are 'punchy' and contains some cool riffs and solos and the arrangements are solid.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album from start to finish! Every single track here is heavenly influenced by the Sunset Strip glory days and there is no filler in sight. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Street Level
02. Girls Go Wild
03. Turn It Up
04. Legions Of Love
05. Gimme Love
06. Cherry Bomb
07. Dreaming
08. Invincible
09. Worlds Collide
10. S.E.X.
11. Set The Night
12. Shine

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