Saturday, March 9, 2013


Covered Call : an expression used in financial circles depicting a picture of Wall Street, big cities, and the frenzy of the stock market. Covered Call, the band, was born in a small carpentry shed in the dark, deep forests of Sweden. The contrast couldn't be greater between the band and their name.

In 2009, the band's debut album was a fact and received some really solid reviews from all over the net. Nowadays, Covered Call is back with Goran Edman as the lead singer and aim for some bigger things. The opening tune of "Lorraine" is a true melodic rock bliss! It has a huge chorus line and features Edman's amazing vocal performances. A really impressive start!! In "When The Lights Are Out", you can hear some Street Talk influences while in "Think About All Times" we have an up-tempo, feel good track with a fantastic harmony and, again, a catchy chorus line. Listen, also, the amazing "Wake Up", "Hold On" and the 80's "Live It Up".

Impressive album!! I really enjoyed every single track of "Impact". Pure melodic hard rock with powerful performances by the mighty Goran Edman, fantastic guitar lines, a tight musicianship and well-crafted songs. This is a melodic gem that should not go unnoticed by any fan of melodic rock /AOR sound!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 /10

Track List : 1. Lorraine, 2. When the lights are out, 3. Think about all times, 4 Look into your mind, 5. Hold on, 6. Make a wish, 7. Nothing lasts forever, 8. Wake up, 9. When I´m gone, 10. Live it up, 11. Last goodbye

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