Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Pleasure Addiction is a new band and has its roots from France!! They are playing melodic hard rock in the vain of the 80's, early 90's, Sunset Strip scene and through their sort career have shared stages with some 'big' names of this particular scene such as L.A. Guns, Lynch Mob, Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Shakin' Street (feat. Ross The Boss from Manowar).

Pleasure Addiction members participate in other French heavy rock bands but this collaboration in Pleasure Addiction will make every single fan of the glory hard rock/hair metal dayz extremely happy with "In Dependence"!! The band has, also, released a 4-track EP back in 2007 and all the songs from that EP are included here! The fact is that I was very curious about this one 'cause from the samples that I've heard this album was looking very promising.

The album opens with the fast paced tune of "Dance". This is an ass-kickin' up-tempo track with a catchy as hell chorus line and some bad attitude backing gang vocals that make this song the perfect opener for your late night parties!!! "My Superstar" continues to the same anthemic tempo and "Shout It Out" is a huge 'modern' melodic rocker!! "No More Me, No More You" is again a 'speedy' in-your-face rocker. The rest of the tracks here are moving to the same hard rock paths with nice arrangements, 'clever' hooks & choruses, some inspired guitar solos and passionate performances. The influences from Firehouse, Danger Danger, Poison, Erotic Suicide and other 'legends' of that particular scene are more than obvious but I really don't bother because Pleasure Addiction's music rocked my world and that's the only thing that really matters!

Overall, this is an extremely interesting release! It combines all the great elements of the glory 80's hair metal scene with some new melodic hard rock pinches and the result is simply outstanding!! I really didn't find a filler here or a single bad thing to make me get bored!! I enjoyed every single minute of it and I'm sure that if you are into the hair metal scene and melodic hard rock stuff you will discover a superb effort! Check it out!! France rocks!!!!
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List : Dance, My Superstar, Shout It Out, No More Me No More You, Couldn't Live Without You, Saturday Nite, Melody, Shot Of Poison, Couldn't Live Without You (Samba Version)

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