Monday, October 22, 2012


"I-Dentity" is album number three for this Swiss band. To be honest, is the first sample that I'm listening from this band and I have to say that after a couple of listening I found this release very interesting. Their sound is moving between Alternative, Modern Rock-Hard Rock but most of the times I have the feeling that I'm listening a newer edition of the The Cult!!

The singer has an impressive voice, there are some really great tracks in it with very good arrangements and the band is tight!! "Eleven" which opens the disc is a cool tune! It has a very good riffing, some aggressive in-your-face vocal performances and a catchy as hell chorus line! "My Identity" is another great example of Tribal's music! It has  a nice groove, 'clever' arrangements and a solid rhythm! This is a winner! "On A Silken Thread" is a kinda of songs that you want to hear again and again!! Heavy guitars with a nice solo, a more punchy ala Nickelback sound and overall this is a brilliant track!!  "Liberation" is a more laid-back song while "Believe" is my personal favorite!! This is a huge mid-tempo tune with a superb harmony, some cool acoustic guitars and sensational vocal performances! "Blame" is also a great one! 

All in all this is a great release. And even though I prefer more melodic hard rock stuff, I caught myself enjoying this album very much. Tribal is a band that has nothing to envy about from "bigger" bands! They are very talented and I'm sure that we are going to hear more great music in the near future! Well done!!
 HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Eleven
02. My Identity
03. On A Silken Thread
04. Die Kraft ist in dir
05. Spiral Of Insanity
06. Liberation
07. Metamorph
08. Hardcore
09. Believe
10. Distant Memories
11. Odd Nativity
12. Blame
13. Past – Present – Future

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