Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Allow me to start this review by saying that the band's latest album, "Damage Control" is among my all time favorite albums ever! It has everything that a hard rocker could ask for; powerful arrangements, great guitar work, catchy choruses to whisper them for days and a huge production!!

This time Tango Down is back with a new shouter, David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Accept), but with the same passion to offer us another great album! "Identity Crisis" continues from where "Damage Control" stopped; great guitar licks, big harmonies, some killer songs and, of course, Mr. Reece's amazing vocal performances. The album has an 80's, early 90's vibe and sound in it and brings back memories from another era.

"Crying To Me" starts the party and what a great tune to start the new album! A killer riff, powerful performances by David Reece and we have the first winner here!! "Alone" is a solid track with some huge harmonies in it while "Dream Child" showing some Van Halen influences. "Blame" is a superb commercial tune, and one of my favorites from the new album, with a catchy as hell chorus and some nice guitar licks by Scott Miller. "Corners Of My Mind" reminds me of Bangalore Choir's work while "Enlighten Me" closes to perfection!! The melody, the riffs, the vocals everything here is perfectly balanced in one of this year's best songs!! "Back To Life" is a very good mid-tempo/ power ballad with a strong chorus line, "Hearts Catch Fire" is huge, "Calling Out" is a perfect melodic rocker and "Magic Pudding" which closes the album is ok!  

Overall, this is a great cd all the way! I love every single moment of it and it can't get out of my cd player the last couple of days! Powerful, kick-ass music for the fans of the 80's, 90's, in-your-face hard rock sound this album comes to show us why we love this music!! No filler, just ten ass kickin'-bombastic tracks played with heart and soul! "Identity Crisis" will end-up high in my this year's top list....ah and one last thing ; the front cover rocks big time!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10

Track List :

  1. Crying To Me
  2. Alone
  3. Dream Child
  4. Blame
  5. Corners Of My Mind
  6. Enlighten Me
  7. Back To Life
  8. Hearts Catch Fire
  9. Calling Out
  10. Magic Pudding

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