Friday, October 26, 2012


"MOB RULES are really there to fulfill dreams- our own dreams" says vocalist Klaus Dirks who founded the band 18 years ago with guitarist Matthias Mineur. And Dirks continues about the album's title "Cannibal Nation"  : "When a band keeps up with its style of music as we do, with seven albums behind us, we don't really see any danger in doing that...".

Why the title “Cannibal Nation” then? “Well, one of the album’s songs, whose lyrics deal with the cruel deeds of the African despot Jean-Bédel Bokassa, has the same title. So, as this somehow truly stood out, and we really liked it, we made “Cannibal Nation” the title of the whole record.”

"Close My Eyes" is the opening track of the new album and it's about a really solid tune! The prog-metal influences are obvious here and the chorus is pure delight! Great arrangements, a tight musicianship and some powerful performances in a superb song! "Lost" has a strong hook-line while "Tele Box Fool" starts with a double-kick drumming and is the heaviest song so far. This one is the perfect sample of Euro-Power Metal stuff at its best!! And the guitar work here kicks some serious ass!! "Ice And Fire" has a more theatrical-atmospheric vibe and it's a track that is inspired by the story of the abducted Colombian politician Íngrid Betancourt.  "Soldiers Of Fortune"  and "The Sirens" are both very good tracks. "Scream For The Sun-May 29th,1953" (lyrically dealing with the first ascent of Mount Everest), has an amazing guitar solo and the next one, "Cannibal Nation" is just perfect!!! Everything here is perfectly balanced; the guitars which are stunning, the vocals, the arrangements...a great tune and the album's highlight!!! "Sunrise" is a mellower song that features some acoustic guitars and Dirks' sensational vocal lines.  The album, also, features a bonus live track.

All in all, this is a solid album. Every single track here is a pleasant surprise to my ears and I really enjoyed every minute of "Cannibal Nation". The fact is that there is no filler in sight and the fans of Euro power metal stuff will appreciate this release a lot. Melodies, great arrangements, superb guitar work and some powerful performances are the ingredients of "Cannibal Nation".
HeavyParadise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :  
01. Close My Eyes
02. Lost
03. Tele Box Fool
04. Ice And Fire
05. Soldiers Of Fortune
06. The Sirens
07. Scream For The Sun (May 29th 1953)
08. Cannibal Nation
09. Sunrise

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