Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DECEIT / NINE (2012)

After their debut EP in 2010 which received great feedback and a strong reputation that the band has build around its name from their live performances Deceit is ready to release their first full length album with the title "Nine".

Their sound is a mix of catchy melodies, cool riffs with an early 90's alternative rock sound. I think that this band have must grown up with bands such as Foo Fighters and Alice In Chains to name a few. Most of the songs here are solid with strong arrangements and very good performances. This band has plenty of talent and that's a thing reflects to their music. "First Father" is Deceit's first video-clip and it's about a very good modern rock song with powerfull performances and attitude. A good sample of what this band is capable to offer! Other highlights here are the 'darker' tune of "Around The World", the aggressive "The Fall" and "Last Song".  

Overall this is an interesting release with some excellent tunes in it. As I said this band has talent and passion and I'm waitin' bigger things from them in the near future.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track List :
1.Wolfman 2.Out of project 3.First father 4.Unreal 5.Around the world 6.Too Fighters 7.Bietto 8.The fall 9.My stupid revenge 10.Last song

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