Monday, September 10, 2012


WHYZDOM was originally founded by guitarist and orchestretor Vynce Leff in 2007. After recruiting the band members, the band started the recordings for the release of their sebut EP which was titled "Daughter Of The Night" and it received great reviews from the music webzines around the world. It, also, received several awards and plaudits (Best French band of 2008 and best EP).

Whyzdom through the years played in several gigs , most of the times as headliner, and won the metal female
voices contest in October 2008. In June 2010, lead vocalist left the band. Lisa Middelhauve , Xandria, accept the invitation to be the 'guest lead vocalist' for the band's live performance as support to Tarja.

Nowadays, the band's second album is ready to be released with the title "Blind?". For those who aren't familiar with the band's sound , including me, it's a mix of powerfull and heavy riifs along with symphonic/epic arrangements, melodies and suberb vocal performances. In some parts, this band reminds me a bit of the great Nigthwish. The only low point here is the length of some tracks, longer than 8 minutes, but as a final result this album is overall very good.  "The Spider" is a fine example of pure symphonic metal stuff with great arrangements, short and heavy riffs and powerfull vocals!! "Lonely Roads" is more commercial with an intense melody while "Dancing With Lucifer" is another highlight.

All in all, this is an interesting release for the fans of female symphonic epic metal stuff with solid arrangements, very good guitar work and some well-crafted songs.
HeavyParadise's Rating : 7/10

Track List : 1.The lighthouse 2.Dancing with lucifer 3.Cassandra´s mirror 4.On the road to Babylon 5.Paper princess 6.The spider 7.The wolves 8.Venom and frustration 9.Lonely roads 10.The foreseer 11.Cathedral of the damned

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