Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Unripes: "Reload" as ICW Big Bang’s soundtrack!

"Reload" by sleazecore rockers The Unripes will be the official sountrack for ICW Big Bang, the Italian Championship Wrestling’s main event that will take place on September 22nd at 9PM at Pala Ferroli (San Bonifacio, Verona, Italy).

 It will feature some of the best Italian wrestlers (Red Devil, Manuel Majoli, Doblone, OGM, Kobra, Shock, Charlie Kid) and international guests Emil Sitoci and El Generico. Here you can find a new version of "Reload" videoclip made by ICW:
The collaboration between Street Symphonies/logic(il)logic Records and the main wrestling promotion in Italy goes beyond: wrestler Jester decided to use "Curtains Fall" by DieVanity as his own new theme song. For further info about ICW and Big Bang event, visit


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