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JOE MATERA is an Australian solo instrumental artist and rock guitarist. As a 20 + year veteran of countless original and covers outfits, his impressive playing CV includes, being lead guitarist in Australian rock outfit GEISHA (2007 - 2010) and founding lead guitarist for classic rock band DOUBLE VISION (2003 - 2008).

He has also contributed guitar to a number of various projects and recordings, one of which include being guest guitar soloist on legendary UK metallers Atomkraft's scorching cover of Thin Lizzy's"cold sweat". He has also worked with legendary US producer Tom Werman (Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, Poison) who produced two tracks for Matera's former band Geisha. Both recordings feature Matera's electric guitar playing.

In November, 2011 he released 'Slave To The Fingers' an all-electric instrumental EP CD via European record label W.A.R Productions. 

Nowadays Joe is releasing  his second solo album which is titled "Creature of Habit" . I had the pleasure to talk with Joe about his brand new album, his influences and some other very interesting stuff. Enjoy!! 

heavy paradise : Hello Joe and welcome to Heavy Paradise for this interview! Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for the release of "Creature Of Habit" !! Ι really enjoyed every single minute of it! 

Thank you, glad you like the new album and are enjoying it.

heavy paradise :  Do you want to tell our readers some things about yourself?

Sure, for those who may not be familiar with me, I am an Australian solo instrumental rock artist. I’ve released two CD to date, ‘Slave To The Fingers’ in 2011 and the just newly released ‘Creature Of Habit’. I am signed to a wonderful, supportive European label, W.A.R Productions based in Linz, Austria and Alex Wieser the label boss, has been fantastic in his support and promotion of my releases. Before I was a solo artist, I played in numerous Australian rock bands, both originals and covers. The two previous bands that most people know me from here in Australia are Geisha and Double Vision.

heavy paradise : So, lets go again back to "Creature Of Habit". How long did it take you for the recordings of this album and who else helped you for this release?

The songwriting process began for this album at the end of last year and I kept writing material as well as began the initial recording sessions for the new album around the same time. I’m fortunate to have some of the world’s most respected musicians on hand to lend their musical talents to my new release. Though it’s a solo album, it’s still a “band” record, since it is a drums/bass/guitars framework. My drummer is my good American friend James Strickler who is based in Denver, Colorado, James also co-produced the album with me and mixed it, and plays bass on a few tracks too. On bass I have Tony Dolan, who plays bass on three tracks (Fallen Angel, Slide & Brave New World). Tony is from legendary black metal band Venom as well as his own bands MPire Of Evil and Atomkraft. I have to also mention Rich Davenport (from the band See Red) who plays bass on one track too. I have three guest guitar soloists on this album. Australian rock icon Rick Brewster (from The Angels, though in the USA the band is better known as Angel City) who plays a solo on No Way!, I have Mick McConnell from legendary UK pop-rock band Smokie contributing a guitar solo on the track Outland and finally Fred Mascherino (Taking Band Sunday, The Color Fred, Terrible Things) adds a shredding guitar solo on Endless Summer. Some really high class, and amazing players on there, and I am totally honoured to have them play on my new album.

heavy paradise : In "Creature Of Habit", we, also, find one 'vocal' track. And, as I already wrote in my review, this is a solid one and you've done a really good work!! Did you do some vocal lessons and is there any possibility to hear more vocals by you in the near future?

Thank you, so happy to hear you like the vocal track, as it’s a big step into new musical waters for me. I’ve never had a vocal lesson, though I’ve sung occasionally in some of my previous bands, but it’s never been my main focus or forte. It’s something that I never felt comfortable doing, being a lead vocalist, but I think it was time for me to have a go at it and finally put my lead vocalist hat on and give it a go. I’m glad people are digging the track, it was hard work to do a lot of those backing harmonies on the song, but I’m happy with the result. With the encouraging and positive reviews to Fallen Angel, it certainly has given me something to think about for my next album, where I could do a mixture of instrumental and a few vocal tracks, it would certainly create a nice balance I think, but its way too early days to even think about that for now, as I’ve just released the new album and my focus is on it and my European tour.

heavy paradise : Are you satisfied so far by the reviews of your new album and what are your expectations from "Creature Of Habit" ?

As I mentioned, it is still early days, but so far I’m receiving my best reviews yet. All I expect from Creature of Habit is that is connects with my fans and music lovers around the globe and that people enjoy the music. I think that is all one as a songwriter can expect and hope for.

heavy paradise : Your album is sensational not only for the guitar maniacs out there but, imho, for each and every single fan of the melodic rock sound. How can you describe your sound, Joe? Or there no labels when it comes to good music?
I’m glad you mention it’s not just for guitar maniacs, I don’t play shredding guitar music. My music is accessible, and very strong on the songwriting and arranging aspect and its about melodies and catching hooks first and foremost. In some ways its pop music laced with edgy hard rock guitars topped with lots of melodies and harmonies with strong rhythms and emotional content. The best way I describe my music is that it is instrumental melodic rock..

heavy paradise : Are there any plans for some live gigs to promote your album?

Yes I am touring Europe in late September with select shows in Austria and the UK. The Austria live show is an all acoustic set of material of the new album and preview EP as well as some favorites of mine, while the UK shows are all electric with a backing band set, featuring material off both of my CD releases.

heavy paradise : What are your influences Joe?

I have many influences my primary ones are those guitarists and bands whose emphasis was on the song and melody. Most of the bands I love are from the 70s Classic Rock genre such as Boston, Cheap Trick, Pilot, Bryan Adams, KISS, Thin Lizzy, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, AC/DC…really there are so many bands. Each inspired me in some way or form.

heavy paradise : If there was a chance to pick your imaginary band, of whom would be consisted and why?

I’d have John Bonham on drums, Brian May on guitar, Gary Richrath on guitar, Tony Dolan on bass and David Coverdale on vocals. John Bonham because really he is probably one of the finest rock drummers ever to walk this planet, Brian May because his solos and harmonies are pure heaven, Gary Richrath because his solos had a nice mixture of intensity, melodicness and hookiness, Tony Dolan for his pumping bass lines and energetic four string wizardry that really puts the ‘fire’ into any track he plays on and David Coverdale, because his vocals are out of this world.

heavy paradise : So what's coming-up next Joe? What do we expect from you in the near future?

I have my European tour and then I am possibly doing some Australian shows. Basically between now and the end of the year it is will be all about promoting the new album and touring as much as I can.

heavy paradise : Closing this interview, is there something else that you want to share with us?

If people want to check out my music further, please direct them to my website www.joematera.com .They can also feel free to contact me via my website or my Facebook.

heavy paradise : Thanx a lot for this interview and all the best for the future!

Thank you for the interview and interest. 

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