Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is an album that every single fan of pure melodic rock sound was expecting! You see H.E.A.T. made a huge impact in the melodic rock world with their first two albums and that's why everybody was curious about the band's next step. "Address The Nation" is the band's brand new release and this time with a new singer. 2009's Swedish Idol Erik Gronwall took the place behind the microphone and I have to admit that he is doing an excellent job here!

The miss of Kenny Leckremo's voice dissapear instantly after the opener track, "Breaking The Silence", which is a powerfull melodic rock appetizer! "Living On The Run" is a huge keyboard driven melodic rock gem with a catchy chorus line and Gronwall's amazing vocal performances! "Falling Down" is a more ass-kickin' tune with a harder edge and one of the album's highlights. The guitar work in this track is pure melodic rock bliss! "The One And Only" is the album's first quiet moment. A beautiful and very emotional song in which the Gronwall's star shines on!! This guy has an amazing voice! Melody and emotions are perfectly balanced in one of this year's best tracks. Up-tempo rhythms again with the "Better Off Alone". Great arangements, powerfull performances and a stunning soloing in this brilliant tune! In "In And Out Off Trouble" we have a terrific song! More AORish than the previous, a heavenly melody with the add of some saxophone parts and there you have another winner from "Address The Nation". Fantastic work guys! "Need Her" has a nice groove and a more 80's U.S. sound while "Heartbreaker" is anthemic, melodic and rocks big time! A killer one! "It's All About Tonight" rocks goodn with its modern-rock approach and finally the last track, "Downtown", closes the marvelous release with an 80's feeling.

Spread the word; H.E.A.T. is back to offer to us a great release! An album full of big and catchy choruses, a solid production, high-quality and extremely melodic songs, great performances and overall a sound that will put a smile in each and every single fan of pure melodic rock/AOR sound.
HeavyParadise's Rating : 9 / 10

Track List :  01. Breaking The Silence 02. Living On The Run 03. Falling Down 04. The One And Only 05. Better Off Alone 06. In And Out Of Trouble 07. Need Her 08. Heartbreaker 09. It’s All About Tonight 10. Downtown


  1. 9/10 + comments from Vassilis = it means what it means ... it means a GREAT release !!! :) I'll buy it asap :)

    1. Yes my friend....a great release for 2012 and a MUST have album!!!! Rock On \,,/