Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kiske - Somerville / Kiske - Somerville (2010)

Michael Kiske is well-known for his collaboration with the legendary band Helloween. His first work with them was in 1987 with the "Keeper of the seven keys Part 1", their break through album to success. He stayed in Helloween until 1993. His last work with them was the rather disappointed "Chameleon". Rumors have it that he was the replacement of Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden, when the latest left in 1993.From 1996, when he released his first work named "Instant Clarity", he records either solo or as a guest vocalist in several projects. The most recent and indeed very good, was with Place Vendome, where members of Pink Cream 69 took part.
Amanda Somerville is well-kown for her collaborations as a solo artist with groups such as After Forever, Edguy, Kamelot, Epica etc.
The collaboration of the two artists and its result, the pretty good "Kiske/Somerville" becomes kown in the beginning of 2010. It's an album that moves in melodic hard rock paths with nice melodies, superb guitar work from the fantastic Magnus  Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear, Allen-Lande etc.), a strong and clear production and above all the unique performances of  Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville.

Besides Kirske & Somerville in this album we find, as song writters and members of the band, Mat Sinner (bass), Magnus Karlsson (guitars), Sander Gommans (guitars), Jimmy Kresic (keyboards) and Martin Schmidt (drums). For sure, it's an album that reminds in many points the excellent "Allen/Lande - The Battle", due to the participation of Magnus Karlsson, a great musician that whatever he touches, he turns it into gold. But besides the similarities with the album "Kiske/Somerville", it lacks originality. I don't know if this release is gonna be a future classic but for sure this is a very enjoyable album with some really strong moments. "Nothing Left To Say", "Silence", "Rain" and "Don't Walk Away" are some really fine tracks with inspired melodies and catchy choruses! All in all this is not somethin' breathtaking but as I mentioned earlier this is a very good release that will please every fan of melodic hard rock!
HeavyParadise's Rating: 7,5/10

1. Nothing Left To Say 4:37 2. Silence 6:21 3. If I Had a Wish 4:20 4. Arise 3:14 5. End of the Road 5:10 6. Don't Walk Away 4:31 7. A Thousand Suns 3:58 8. Rain 3:47 9. One Night Burning 4:04 10. Devil in Her Heart 4:25 11. Second Chance 4:55 12. Set a Fire Bonus Track 3:58

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