Monday, May 30, 2022

REVIEW : BLOODY HEELS, Rotten Romance (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 10 June 2022)

Now this is a release that I was looking forward to listening to! Bloody Heels's latest opus 'Ignite The Sky' (2020) was a solid one and it included some excellent tunes. Nowadays, these youngsters from Latvia are releasing their brand new effort entitled "Rotten Romance". The album is going to be out through Frontiers Music this June. 

After the first spin of "Rotten Romance", I have to say that my feelings are a bit mix here. The band's sound is movin' across the late 80's hard rock scene plus some heavier, darker, modern and even prog elements. The final result is not bad at all but somewhere is loosin' its identity in my humble opinion. 

After some average tracks in the beggining of the album it comes the first highlight of the new opus; "Hours Of Sinners" is really amazing!! Heavy with a big groove and aggressive vocals that reminded me very much of Warrior Soul an' Skid Row's earlier works and that's a pretty good thing. Some other strong moments here are the powerful "Mirror, Mirror", "Crow's Lulluby" and the hair metal-esque "Burning Bridges". 

Overall I have to say that this is a good opus all the way; it contains some pretty strong tracks in it, it, also includes some serious and heavy riffs, in-your-face performances but, at the end, it lacks of some catchiness and melody. But hey, this is only my opinion! 

Songwritting : 6
Production : 7
Songs : 5
Musicianship : 8

Overall Rating : 6,5 / 10 

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