Saturday, April 17, 2021

REVIEW : Winding Road, Winding Road (AOR Heaven, Out: 26.03.2021)

Winding Road is a new sentational band that with its debut opus comes to deliver an amazing slice of pure and old-fashioned melodic rock/edgy AOR stuff. "Winding Road" is going to be released through AOR Heaven this March.

The band consists of Jonas Tyskhagen (Lead Vocals), Magnus Ã…kerlund (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals) and Jan Hedlund (Drums, additional Keyboards, Background Vocals).

For me, Winding Road reminds me a bit of Perfect Plan. Yes, the similarities are more than obvious and that's a thing that attracted me at the very first spin. Winding Road has all the package to become big in the near future. They have the songs, the melodies, the power and the right vocalist to take things into a higher level. 

The first couple of songs (It's A Matter Of Survival and Summertime) are really huge; both are edgy, powerful and are pure candy in my ears. "Call On Me" is a bit more in a west-coast direction and, of course, it includes a fantastic melody. The beautiful ballad of "I Lost You" is breathtaking while in "Stranger In The Night" and "On My Own Again" the band gives two more great samples of pure melodic rock bliss with soaring vocals, edgy guitars and tons of melodic lines! The fast-paced "Gotta Get Close To You" is just killer and features an absolute stunning guitar solo in it! 

All in all, WINDING ROAD with its debut effort delivers the goods! An album that is full of great melodies and harmonic parts, a crunchy guitar work, powerful performances and, most of all, great songs!! For the fans of the classic 80's melodic rock/AOR sound but, aslo, for the fans of PERFECT PLAN, this is a mandatory must have. A big bravo for this fantastic release!! 

Songwritting : 9
Production : 9
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 10

Overall Rating : 9,25 / 10 

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