Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SECRET / The End Of The Road (2014)

This album truly touched my soul! Yes, SECRET the new melodic rock band from Spain that consists of  vocalist Jesus Espin (ex-91 Suite)(vocals and backing vocals) and guitarist Ivan Gonzalez (also ex-91 Suite)(guitars, bass, drums and keyboards) achieved to release a superb debut effort full of nice melodies, brilliant harmonies, strong performances and a bunch of some impressive songs and the sure thing is that will please every single fan of this scene!!!

As I already mentioned above, SECRET's debut has it all; nice melodies, big harmonies, choruses to sing-a-long for days, strong performances, a Bon Jovi feeling in all over the album but, most of all, every single track here is well-written, well-performed and there's no filler in sight.

The album kicks-off with the furious rocker of "Here With Me" which is probably the 'punchier' song of the "The End Of The Road". Next, in "Since I Fell For You" we have the first highlight; a such a beautiful song that includes an amazing melody, harmonic guitar lines and a chorus to die for! In "Just To Hear You Say" the Bon Jovi influences are obvious but that's no problem at all, this track is pure melodic bliss. Soulful with passionate vocal lines and, again, a great chorus! Bluesier tempo in "Trust Someone" while in "I Believe In Love" we have another killer up-tempo melodic rock gem!! "Out Of My Life" rocks and in "Angeline" we have a true AOR tune that will put a wide smile upon the face of every fan of this scene!!

Brilliant from start to finish, no doubt 'bout that! I have to say that I enjoyed this album a lot and the last couple of days is on regular basis in my cd player!! This band has a bright future in the melodic rock scene and with albums like this debut the sure thing is that will pay the attention of each and every fan of this particular genre. Please do a favor to yourself and grab a copy of "The End Of The Road" NOW!!! Also, I have to add my congratulations to Mr. Andrew McNeice  @ that singed this band and gave us the opportunity to have this gem in our hands! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing : Give Up The Fight, Here With Me, Since I Fell For You, Just To Hear You Say, Bring You Down, Out Of My Life, Wherever You Go, Trust Someone, Piece Of Mind, When You Really Love Someone, Angeline, I Believe In Love.

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